Georgetown Child & Family Counseling

Family counseling walk in fieldSupport for the whole family- with the tough stuff

You want help.  There’s a struggle with your child or maybe in your family.  Everything you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked. It’s overwhelming and you need someone to help.


We’re a group of licensed counselors who specialize in work with kids, teenagers, parents and couples in beautiful Georgetown, TX.  We help families get back on track.

Through counseling sessions, groups, and classes, we help distant families, angry children and support overwhelmed and frustrated parents.  Things do not have to be so difficult- we can show you how.

Issues we work with are behavior, communication, anxiety, depression, conflict, trauma and more.  Together we’ll set goals based on your situation.  We’ll work with your child in counseling to process emotions and move toward their goals while giving you concrete steps for positive outcomes.

Georgetown Child & Family Counseling- Help for Kids and Hope for Parents

 Areas of Services Include:

  • Counseling Sessions– Counseling & Coaching for children, adolescents, and parents on a broad variety of emotional, behavioral and family issues.
  • Youth Counseling Groups– Groups focused on a variety of topics such as anger, social skills, and self-esteem, offered at various times of the year.
  • Parenting Class Series–  Live courses to gain tons of family and parenting resources very quickly, offered at various times of the year.

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Resources We ♥

For those of you that can’t visit our office or counseling isn’t the right fit, these are some resources that we believe to be awesome.