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I’ve curated this list of books that I, Jenna, strongly recommend.  For those of you that can’t visit our office or maybe you don’t want or need counseling, these are some resources that I believe to be awesome.

The world is full of products and self-help material. I have put together a list of what I believe to be the BEST.   I have read or listened to every recommendation on this page.

Book Recommendations for Parents, Teens, and Kids

The 5 Love Languages is a classic in helping people to understand themselves and their loved ones and to communicate more effectively.  I frequently use the tools found with clients on a regular basis.



If I could ask every adult to listen to one thing, it would this!  Dr. Brene Brown speaks in this audiobook in a candid way about living wholehearted lives.  She combines work here from several of her books.  It’s an enjoyable and fun listen that’s very powerful.


Gottman is a leading expert in relationships.  This is a wonderful resource to help couples who desire to improve their communication and love life.


This book lays a solid, healthy foundation for families to grow closer, focus on the important and develop healthy life-long habits for a happy family life.  This has been transforming into my own personal life and I can not speak highly enough of Dr. Covey’s work.

Teenagers often learn best when it comes from an outside source.  This is an outstanding tool for helping teens develop principle-based habits, responsibility, and motivation.


I admire greatly the work of Dr. Dan Siegel.  He connects neuroscience, psychology and the real world in a practical way for parents to put tools that work into action.  This a great resource on drama-free discipline basics.


A resource for parents who feel like their child is extremely rigid or that they’ve been walking on eggshells to prevent their child from exploding. This can really help to target behaviors.


Talking to girls about growing up can be difficult. This helps to open the door in a very appropriate way.   I recommend the companion books on feelings and for older girls as well.


Parents of adopted children can feel alone.  Drs. Purvis and Cross extend wisdom and loving guidance for families who are navigating the waters of adoption or fostering children.  This book is outstanding and I use many of their teachings in my work with all children.

Need a little more support, but aren’t ready for the office?

We get it!  That’s why Jenna created the Family Reboot eCourse– to help those who can’t make it into the office and to help clients make faster progress.  It’s much more cost-effective than therapy and has a lot of the same advice and counsel that Jenna gives to many of her clients in a broken-down, do-able way.

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