Deeply Rooted: Family Reboot eCourse

Need help, but don’t know where to start?

Hey- I’ve got you covered.

Your family’s amazing- but things aren’t running so smooth.  Your kids are precious- but their behavior isn’t. You’re sick of the negativity and fussing.  It’s tough getting on the same page- your spouse just doesn’t get it.  You’re not sure counseling’s the right fit, but you want things to be better and need a little ‘kick-start’ to make it happen.

Listen- you’re not alone!  We all get frustrated and we all want a happier family life.   Your time is precious and these years are sacred.   There isn’t time to waste on complaining, ‘if only’s…” or walking on eggshells.  I want to help you have a family life you love- now!

Through this eCourse, I’ll help you get clear on the direction you want for your family and give you the simple tools to make it happen.

It’s a great alternative or supplement to counseling or coaching- and actually, I use this course frequently with my clients.  Inside you’ll find written and video lessons with me, Jenna, and activities to break down the ‘overwhelming’ into something simple and effective.

Here’s what’s covered:

  1. Clarity on what’s working and what isn’t and the vision you want for your family.
  2. Understanding the #1 thing blocking you from better results- and what to do about that.
  3. How to take the ‘awkward and boring’ out of the family meeting and get your kids on board with changes.
  4. What the effective parents know and how you can become more consistent and prioritize better.
  5. Better communication and getting to the heart of issues without the battles.

Sound good?  With this Christian-based course, I’ll help your family get to a healthier place!  I’ll walk through the process of getting rid of the junk and adding in what you want in a simple and doable way.

The course is self-paced.  4 modules are designed to be flexible for our crazy-busy family lives!

You’ll get it instantly…and, it’s wayyyy cheaper than therapy!

I feel so confident in the value of this course that if you don’t see positive changes, I’ll refund your money- no questions asked.

Want some?  It’s all yours- you can grab it for $27

Not quite what you need?  We’ve got you covered.

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